I had several hypnotherapy sessions on Zoom with Isie Akpan. I found him a keen listener and very focused on helping me to the best of his ability. I have had numerous health issues stemming from childhood trauma. A couple of my, specifically digestive issues, which were very troubling in the past, have been resolved through Akpan’s work with me. Also, some painful emotional experiences from childhood are no longer “gaping wounds” but now are “healed scars.” I highly recommend his work as a way to get ‘underneath’ the difficulties one is experiencing and let them be released at the roots.


Isie Akpan has the most important quality a healer can have compassion. More important than the techniques he employs, Isie’s genuine desire to help people motivates him and informs everything he does. He believes in miracles and wants his clients to experience them firsthand.  Thanks to him, I have a greater awareness of the destructive patterns in my life along with an arsenal of tools to help me neutralize their effects.


This has been my first hypnotherapy experience, and I didn’t know what to expect. However, as soon as we started the sessions, I found hypnosis very relaxing and comforting. I was amazed by the calmness and clarity I gained just after the first session. Isie is very compassionate and creative, he focused on my issues, and he came up with very practical teachings and information that helped me to understand how the mind works and to release old subconscious beliefs that have been replaying in my life. I gained self-confidence and clarity, and I am wholeheartedly recommending Isie to anyone who feels stuck or who needs some extract support in any area of their life.


My recent experience with hypnosis under the guidance of Mr. Isie Akpan has been a revelation. I expected a rather simple approach to changing habits that were proving hard to change by myself. Instead, I found myself being introduced to a fascinating practice that was as deep as it was complex. Various habits changed, sometimes in one session, but the effects of the hypnosis spread out in unexpected and wonderful ways. It felt like healing water being absorbed by a sponge. He proved to be very acute in discerning the nuances of a client’s stated issues. Throughout my sessions, he was warm and professional.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the quality of Mr. Akpan’s introduction to hypnosis as a way of making the changes we all want to make in our lives.


The results of hypnosis have been nothing short of miraculous. Mr. Isie Akpan helped me for writer’s block, and I have been writing every single day since our first session. The impulse to write has been effortless. There is no struggle, no strain, no anxiety, no doubt, and no confusion. I simply sit down to write every morning. Mr. Akpan is the epitome of professionalism. He is knowledgeable, thoroughly prepared for each session, and punctual. Just as importantly, he exudes warmth, enthusiasm, and a genuine commitment to helping me achieve my highest good. 

For many years I have been struggling with this writing project which is intended to be the culmination of decades of research and teaching. I experience it as a miracle every day that I have been released from the torment of fear and self-doubt. Every day I experience a sense of satisfaction, joy, that I am one step closer to achieving my goals. Thank you, Mr. Akpan, for all you have done for me. May you go on to help many, many more people lead lives of fulfillment and joy.